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It's a Lifestyle

Fun, simple and unlike any other dining experience, Outer Banks Boil Company provides an opportunity to truly love what you do!  You don't just make meals, you create memories that often become tradition for you and your customers. Just look at that smile!


Multiple Revenue Streams

Benefit from our highly adaptable business model which provides multiple streams of revenue.

  • Catered events

  • Our Best Pot To-Go takeout steamer pots 

  • Retail merchandise sales

Apparel, Cocktail Sauce, Signature Spice, Boil Beer

Get Noticed!

From our ongoing attention to the latest SEO and digital marketing strategies, to an engaging social media presence and eye catching website, Outer Banks Boil Company is continually working with industry experts to promote the brand and its presence in all markets.


Get up and running quickly with our low barrier to entry and simple to follow proven business plan

Initial investment range from signing to opening your doors includes:

  • Initial Franchise Fee

  • Buildout

  • Equipment

  • Training & On-Going Support

  • Grand Opening

  • Technology

Initial Investment Range

$118,405 - $210,960

Includes initial franchise fee: $35,000


6% + 1% Brand Fund

Paid monthly

Profit Margins


3 Outlet Average Gross Sales


Small Real Estate Footprint


Enabling you to achieve higher sales per square foot.

Learn from a dedicated and passionate leadership team that focuses on your success as an owner and member of the Outer Banks Boil Company Family.

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Please see Item 19 of our XXX Franchise Disclosure Document for details. The numbers above are based on company-owned outlets in 2020 which were open for a full 12 months at the end of 2020, and show data that spans the full calendar year 2020. In 2020, 3 company-owned Outer Banks Boil Company outlets were open for a full 12 months, and 1 of these 3 attained average or better sales. Some outlets have earned this amount. Your individual results may differ. There is no assurance that you will earn as much.

** For a single unit. This estimate is based on the experience of our company-owned locations, and its not all inclusive of the extent of possible expenses. These figures are estimates only and we cannot guarantee that you will not have additional expenses starting your Outer Banks Boil Company franchised business.